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Cancun: Day 2. January 5, 2010

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I really shouldn’t have waited this long to recap, because I’m really forgetting everything.

One thing that I really wanted to do in Cancun was go to an open air market. The second day, after waking we decided to stroll into Cancun proper.

I don’t know if I mentioned it in the last post, but it was sweltering while we were down there. So it probably wasn’t the brightest idea to walk into town. But we were already off. I had remembered seeing one of the markets on our van ride in from the airport, but trying to remember proved a tad difficult. We had to stop at one point and get directions and ended up walking in a giant circle. Eventually we found it, Coral Negro.

coral negro

Sadly, it left a bit to be desired. I wanted an open air market, but due to the temperature I was glad it was at least sort of inside. Inside were dozens and dozens of stalls, all hocking the same cheap junk. T-shirts and shot glasses and these odd little bottles with clay figures in very explicit poses. It was weird, to say the least. Everyone wanted you to come into their store and buy their wares, offering you lower and lower prices. I absolutely hate the back and forth haggling so luckily, I saw nothing of interest. Until we spotted a jewelry store.

I’m sad that I don’t have any pictures of the market, but the jewelry store was the only part of the building that was enclosed. Glass walls and sliding glass doors, you stepped inside and a blast of air conditioning and I was convinced to stay. The walls and tables were absolutely covered in silver. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, everything was dazzling. I saw a dozen things I wanted, before settling on a necklace. “How much?” I asked. The owner, a very nice fellow that left us to browse without heckling, took it from the wall to weigh it. I can’t remember the price but know it was over 200$. While I could have talked him down some, I really didn’t feel like it. Instead I settled on some earrings. Big, princess cut, diamond-like. They were asking 50$ but Keith talked them down to 30$ and split them with me. Half a present for my half birthday.

As seen here, they are my favorite earrings ever. They sparkle like crazy. I don’t want/need/like real diamonds so these little babies are perfect.

We had been out and about for a few hours so after Keith bought a hat, we walked back to the hotel, this time going the right way and cutting our walk in half.

On the way back, we saw this building, which I still kind of wish we would have checked out.

to be continued…


Cancun! November 29, 2009

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We went to Cancun July 1-6, and yet I am only writing about it now because I am a horrible slacker.

Keith asked me to go on vacation with him shortly after we started dating. I was pretty surprised by him asking and nothing less than shocked when he informed me he intended to go to Cancun.

But, I figured it wasn’t every day that someone asked me (or ever) so I said yes. And hoped that he would still like me when the time came. (Not just for vacation reasons, natch.)

So I got a passport (horrible picture by the way, I look SO mad), requested the days off of work and bought a bathing suit for the first time in 10 years.

I was ready. Our flight left Pittsburgh at 6:00AM so we woke up at 3AM to get ready and head to the airport.

I had warned Keith earlier that every flight I had ever taken was delayed by some amount of time, but I guess he cancelled me out because everything left on time. We had a layover in Chicago where Keith dozed on a bench but I was too cold to do anything. Then we had a ~4 hour flight to Cancun.

We got there at about 12:30 or so and had to go through customs and whatnot. Keith had arranged a shuttle service beforehand to get us to the hotel and wow would I ever recommend that. As soon as we stepped outside there were all sorts of taxis and vans trying to get you to use them. It was hella overwhelming, but luckily we just found the guy we needed and hopped in a van.

There were a few other couples in the van with us and we were off, winding our way to the hotel stretch. One of my favorite memories was coming around a bend that gave us our first view of the ocean. In that moment, you could hear everyone’s breath catch in their throats due to the sheer beauty of the water.

The van ride was maybe a half of an hour and it was really neat driving up to all the other hotels dropping people off because we weren’t really sure which one was ours, so it was just a lot of excitement.

Finally we arrived at RIU Palace Las Americas. It was enormous, but not nearly as large as some of the hotels there. It was also blindly white, which worked really well against the blue of the water.

looking across from our room.

While we checked in a lady came by with some sort of fancy drink for us and I just stood in awe.

the lobby ceiling.

Sadly the lobby was too dark during the day and too bright at night to photograph well on my crappy camera, but that was a small part of the ceiling. (The lobby was HUGE).

After we finished checking in, we went up to our room and immediately changed into our bathing suits.

There had been some negative reviews online about the rooms, but I thought it was lovely. I apparently didn’t take any pictures but we had a junior suite with a big bathroom with double sinks, a separate little area with a tv and couch and two beds.


Which was kind of weird. They were two double beds pushed together. Which was odd, but didn’t really matter, except in the middle of the night I’d sometimes end up in the crack.

Before we went out to the beach, we sat down at the Italian place for lunch.

my lunch

I had shrimp and risotto with squid ink. (I seriously only ordered it for the squid ink part – which didn’t taste like much, just kind of salty.)

pizza in cancun.

And Keith had pizza. Because why not?

Afterwards, we made our way out onto the beach where a man came by every 5 minutes with margaritas for us. It was amazing.

enjoying the sun and the margaritas.

We were in and out of the water a few times and eventually made our way to the pool bar, where someone got a little tipsy. Eventually we were just so exhausted from the 3AM wakeup, the travel, the sun, the water that we headed upstairs for showers and a nap and almost slept through dinner. Good thing the buffet was open til 10!

to be continued…