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and the winners areeeee… November 12, 2009

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Thanks to a very complicated system in which the random number generator was blocked by my work, I wrote down everyone’s name…the whole 8 of you. Then I texted Keith asking for 5 numbers 1-10 (two of you got double entries).

So the winners, as chosen by Keith’s numbers, are….






Yayyyy! Send me an email to with the address you’d like the gift card shipped to…and you can begin living out your grocery store fantasies. Well, to the tune of 25 bucks.

What you use the card on is entirely up to you, but I beg of you to make at least one small impulse purchase. It was the name of the game!

I wish I had 3 more gift cards so that everyone that tolerates me enough to enter could win, but alas, I don’t. Maybe someone will think I’m something fancy later down the road and we can do another giveaway. I really liked reading the comments, you guys rule.


Giant Eagle Giveaway! November 7, 2009

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Last week I was contacted by Giant Eagle. They called me pretty* and said they liked my blog and offered to let me give away five 25$ gift cards!

I must admit that I felt pretty famous being asked although I know more popular bloggers get pitches all the time. I shot an email back asking what exactly I had to do and they told me it was all up to me, just tell you guys that it’s them giving away the gift cards, not me. And sorry guys, I like you, but I don’t have 125$ to drop on your groceries. So yay Giant Eagle!

This is all to celebrate the grand opening of their Robinson Market District store, which looks pretty awesome. Our Giant Eagle up in Monroeville is not a Market District and what I miss most about my Shadyside store is the massive ethnic food section. We have one aisle for all of those up here and while I can mostly find what I want, I don’t nearly have the selection I used to. There were so many salsas I never got to try!

like this guy!

But anyways, on the the fun part!

My weakness in the grocery store is the frozen food aisle. I love to cook, but also love to be lazy. Probably because we never got to eat much from the frozen food section as kids,** there is something still wonderful to me about opening a box, turning on the microwave/oven and having dinner.

Now I’m a decent cook and could probably make something way better than what I’m pulling out of a box or a bag, but one thing I can’t top is Stouffer’s Macaroni and Cheese. That is my holy grail of mac and cheese, especially if you do it in the oven and it gets a little brown on top… And now my mouth is watering.

So to enter!

Leave a comment telling me your grocery store weakness. Aisle, item, section…the one place in the store you need to exercise extreme willpower to get through (or try and fail, I won’t judge!).

One entry per person but if you want to link to this post on twitter, I’ll give you another entry, but make sure to either @ me or post the link in the comments.

Contest will end…let’s say 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 11th and I’ll use some awesome random number generator to pick and post the five winners on Thursday, November 12th.

* They really did. The email was addressed to qt.

** No matter how much we begged. My mom always told us she could make something better and cheaper so she did. These days I would pick my mom’s food over most anything, but as a kid I felt like I was seriously missing out not being able to microwave dinner.