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Friday Favorites – bookends! November 13, 2009

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I love to read. I have always loved to read. When I was younger my nose was constantly in a book. If there were words in it, I would read it. From The Babysitters Club to my mom’s Stephen King books, nothing was off limits.

These days I still read a lot but it’s mostly websites and blogs. Occasionally I’ll still read a book, but they are pricey and it’s not as easy to flip between books as it is to flip between websites.

If I had oodles of money, I would totally have a fancy library with leather chairs and walls of books. One of those fancy ladders, too. I think the next best thing would be to buy these and give them some prime real estate on a shelf somewhere.

One day.


Rosie the Riveter bookends, 34.95$ from neatorama


Friday Favorites – damn you anthropologie October 23, 2009

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I have about 12 half-written entries, but I’m too lazy to finish those and I have to post these two things that I am drooling over so I can close the two tabs constantly open on my computer.

I have a pair of kitten heels from Target that have a row of ruffles at the toe. They are my favorite shoes EVER (and were a steal at 13$!)
I was wearing them the other day and since my mind is in boot-mode, I was thinking it would be pretty sweet if I could find ruffled boots. And boy, did I.

Steve Madden grey suede women's duffled shoe

Steve Madden grey suede women's duffled shoe

Just a little bit of ruffles, STEVE MADDEN, blech.

But I continued my search, and lo and behold, I found these visions in brown.

Winding Ruffle Boots 258$ from Anthropologie

Winding Ruffle Boots 258$ from Anthropologie

They are sort of a little one-room-schoolhouse but I am in serious love. The tiny bits of ruffle, the lacing, the distressed leather. I am head over heels. I only have one problem. (Aside from the 258$ price tag – yikes!!) I don’t wear brown. My wardrobe is black. Almost entirely. I dream of these boots in a grey. I think they would lose too much of the detail if they were in black, but I would marry them in grey. I am almost tempted to redo my entire wardrobe to accomodate them.

Which brings me to my next covet.

After falling in love with the boots, I decided to look around a little since Anthropologie always has such lovely things that I can never afford. And I happened upon this bag.

Frill-Seeker Satchel 328$ from Anthropologie

Frill-Seeker Satchel 328$ from Anthropologie

The bag of my DREAMS. DEAR FSM I LOVE THIS BAG. It is freaking gorgeous and adorable and amazing and unique and OMG I am going to burn all of my black clothes this weekend and start wearing brown. And then save up 600 bones so I can buy these life-changing items.

I promise my life would change if I owned these two.

It is important to note I have never spent more than 70$ on a pair of shoes or more than 20$ on a bag. It’s completely out of character for me to covet things so expensive, but I REALLY need these to become a part of my life.


Friday Favorites May 22, 2009

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suburban puppy

May.  My favorite month of the entire year.  It’s spring! Winter is finally over and the outside world is just an explosion of greens and pinks and purples and yellows. And puppies!  I’m going to eventually start celebrating my birthday in May.  January is for squares.