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Mid-term, shmid-term. October 27, 2010

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Why hello!

So rude of me to post two days in a row and then vanish again. While I highly doubt anyone checks here with any regularity, I also doubt anyone was surprised. I’m just not good at this keeping a routine thing.

I have a good excuse though! Two of them!

Excuse number one: my computer died. The hard drive went kaput last Friday. Thankfully, I’ve only had the computer since February, so it’s still under warranty. Unthankfully, I’ve only had the computer since February. Oh and I never backed any of my data up.

While I am a little bummed to lose everything, it has happened so many times that I’m kind of used to it. I got an iBook for high school graduation. In the 3.5 years I owned it, the hard drive went three times, the logic board went and the motherboard went. Five days after I got it back from Apple after the great board disaster of 2007, someone broke into my apartment and stole it! Yay!

(Apple Care does not cover theft).

I then used a very old Dell that my uncle gave me and that hard drive died after a few months. Now the new computer that I figured would last at LEAST a year without giving me any issues, had to get the travel bug too and wanted a trip down to Texas. Sigh.

(I got carried away lamenting about my awful technological luck, moving on…)

Excuse two is that I had a mid-term on Monday. My first mid-term since 2007! I was terrified. Our grade in the Psych class is based on 4 quizzes, two tests and then our lab stuff. That’s not a whole lot of points. So I knew I needed to rock this test. The problem was, I did horrendous on the two quizzes. I knew I needed to study my ass off, but I am a bad studier. I never studied in high school and hardly in Round 1 of college (which may explain why I never finished but shhh). I set aside all of Sunday for studying. And study I did. I went for 3 hours, a break for dinner, 2 more hours. I went to bed feeling like I knew nothing.

At the end of the work day Monday, I went through my notes again, and took notes on those notes. Then I read the notes of notes 3 times before class. Still felt like an F was in my future. My stomach would not stop aching, it knew too, it seems.

They pass out the test and I begin to read the questions: “Hey, I know this!” “And this!” “And this!” Turns out, out of the 50 questions on the test, there were only 3-4 that I was iffy on. And I was able to narrow those down and guess. I was even the first to finish, and of course I sat in the back, so I got to awkwardly gather my stuff and walk down to hand in my papers in front of an audience of 200.

But I feel really good about the test and that’s all that matters. Except the grade itself really matters and I probably won’t know that ’til next week, but in my head, I aced that sucker. Yay!


Back. ish. October 20, 2010

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Long time no see. We’ll I’ve seen you, as I keep more on top of my Google Reader than anything else in my life, but you’ve not seen me.

I don’t really have a good reason. I am just a lazy blogger. I often think “Hm, I should post…” but then the aforementioned Google Reader or twitter or staring at the wall get in the way.

I’m also a teensy bit stressed the hell out.

I’m back in school, part-time. I’m taking 7 credits which translates into a 2.5 hour lecture, a 2 hour lab and an online class that is a ton of work. This, plus working 40 hours a week and an hour commute each way = cranky crank.

I had a job the entire time I was in school last time, but it was always part time. And I took a light course load, and I only had a 10 minute walk to class, this time it’s all different.

Mondays are the worst. I leave the house at 7:30 a.m. and get home at roughly 9:30 p.m. By then it’s shower and bed, the end. Tuesday night I have my lab, and while it’s supposed to be 2 hours, I’m super smart (or something) and finish early, so I’m usually home on Tuesdays before 8. Still, another 12 hour day. Wednesday-Friday nights I am busting my ass trying to finish and submit my online work (which I usually have stuff due Weds, Thurs, and Fri) because I have no time to do it on Monday or Tuesday thanks to the aforementioned classes.

So it’s a leeetle stressful. I feel like I haven’t used much of my brain in the past two years working at a daycare and Starbucks and now in the office, so these classes are really giving the ol’ grey matter a workout.

On top of all this, last Friday my computer up and died. I’m waiting for a box to send it back to get repaired and praising the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I took all of my lecture notes by hand because I have a midterm on Monday! Hoorays!

But even though I’m stressed and exhausted and cranky, this is what I need to do. I need to finish school, I need to get a degree. I screwed up the first time around, so now I’m paying for it with all of this added stress. But I currently have an A in my art class, not sure my Psych grade but I am rocking all the lab work, so it shouldn’t be less than a B.

So go me. And go to sleep, me.


back to school, back to school to prove to dad that i’m not a fool… June 8, 2010

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So, as I’ve shared before, I will be going back to Pitt in the fall. As much as I would like to quit my job and go to school full-time, that is not in the cards, so I’ll be taking night classes. My plan is 4 semesters of night classes followed by 3 full-time, which means I’ll have a degree sometime in 2013. Which is 3 years before I turn 30, so that works for me.

Now since the ball got rolling pretty late in the year, everyone had already scheduled for classes before I was able to. Thankfully, Pitt has joined the rest of the universe with online scheduling, so I’ve been able to do it all myself.

Except none of the classes I’d like to take are open or at night or count for any progress toward my degree. Currently, I am a History major. I declared at the beginning of my last semester at Pitt, so I’ve yet to actually take a History class. My plan was to major in History with a concentration in Latin American studies. Upon meeting with my advisor in March, she informs me that it’s probably not a good concentration. (Though it was fine 3 years ago.) Pitt apparently is doing something with Latin American journals, so all of the professors who have taught classes in the past, aren’t teaching as many classes. Or something like that.

This news really bummed me out. The only reason I chose a History major was for the concentration. Now I’m having a minor crisis, trying to figure out what I want to do with my academic life. When browsing for classes, I made note of all the classes that sounded interesting and it turns out a vast majority of them are Anthropology classes. I’ve taken two anthropology classes and did well in both. The subjects were interesting and I think if they were centered around Latin American cultures, I would love them.

Now my end goal is to teach. My plan is Secondary Education (preferably high school), probably in a Social Studies type area. Luckily, when going into teaching, your field of study doesn’t matter too much, just passing the Praxis. I’ve emailed back and forth with a friend’s mom who is a Social Studies teacher and she’s given me some great advice, but ultimately I just have to decide what I want.

In the meantime, I figured I would just finish up my general requirements, since I still have a few to do, but this proves difficult when you’re only scheduling night classes and several months after everyone has already scheduled theirs.

I thought that I had finally reached a decent schedule, an online class, Intro to World Art, which counts for some Foreign Culture credit; and Ireland, which would work for my History major (if I decide to keep on with it) and would probably just be interesting.

That is until I got an email at 10:30 last night from the instructor. At first I was really confused and thought that I had accidentally signed up for a summer class, but upon reading the email, he just wanted to present everything upfront. Which is great that he did. It was a pretty nice email to get, giving us the syllabus already and telling us a book we might want to read for some background. Even telling us he’d be sending out a podcast in August. A podcast! How 2010! But it wasn’t until I read the breakdown of the grading that I was taken aback. It’s your standard grading breakdown, 1000 points in total, 250 for the midterm, 250 for the final, 100 for quizzes, etc. Except 375 points are reserved for group plays.

Now I hate group projects in general. I am incredibly lucky that I’ve only had to do one thus far (excluding Spanish conversations). But this is pretty much my worst nightmare. The professor will split the group into 4-5 and you are responsible for writing and performing a play. A PLAY. This is not a “History of Irish Folklore” class, this is a basic History class. Make us watch plays, sure, but to pen and then perform? I don’t think so.

I took maybe 5 minutes to mull it over before I decided no way – no how. I could probably write the play, but having done theatre all through high school I know that I can’t act. I am fine with public speaking, it even gives me a little rush, but something about pretending to be someone and memorizing lines just makes me freeze.

So I spent another 30 minutes this morning trying to find another class and ended up with Learning and Motivation. I had originally wanted to take that class, but didn’t want 3 nights of classes a week (since it has a lab) but now that I have an online class, it should all work out.

HOPEFULLY, because I am sick of shuffling around classes. Argh.


The most exciting post I may ever make. March 28, 2010

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I left Pitt in 2007 due to being too poor.  I attempted to go back in 2008 but had outstanding tuition that I couldn’t pay.  Eventually it just made more sense to wait until I was 24 to try to go back.  I had actually given up hope on going back to Pitt.  I wasn’t sure how it worked, I thought maybe I’d have to reapply and as my record wasn’t very stellar the first time around I figured they wouldn’t take me.

While talking to Keith about going back to school, he asked where I’d go.  I admitted that I didn’t think Pitt would take me back and he encouraged me to call and find out what the requirements were.  Thinking about going back to school somewhere else secretly depressed me.  I understood that it was irrational so I just silently plugged along, looking at other schools.

When the girl on the phone from Pitt told me it was just a 45$ fee, I didn’t believe her.  I called a different office and asked the same question and got the same response.  I was ecstatic.  But suspicious.

I had them mail me the required paperwork and Wednesday of last week they cashed my check.  Still suspicious, I called on Thursday.  The lady on the phone seemed really annoyed that I was calling a day after they cashed my check and informed me I’d be getting something in the mail.

Until I held that paper in my hand, I thought there must be some kind of fluke and something was messed up.  But Friday I got that letter.  And yesterday I got stuff about my email address.  So now I must call and meet with an advisor and then I am all set to start part-time in the fall.  I may eventually take some time off from work to go back full-time, but it’s all baby steps right now.

I WILL graduate before I’m 30!  I am SO excited! More excited than getting accepted to Pitt the first time, because I’m finally an adult now and know what I want.