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cute like a car accident. November 18, 2009

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Now, I’m sure this comes as no surprise to those reading, but I have never been one to be fawned over in real life. In internet life – sure, on occasion, but real life hitting on hasn’t been too frequent. Which is absolutely fine because I am already socially awkward, so adding in a stranger holla-ing at me and things get super awkward super fast. On occasion though, some strange man will decide I strike his fancy. When we used to go out, this might happen at a bar, but most often I get attention when I am oblivious and unkempt.

Take, for instance, the first time I got a physical phone number. Earlier this year I was waiting to see someone about unemployment and the security guard upstairs phoned the security guard downstairs to give me his (upstairs guy’s) phone number on my way out. Never mind that I’m obviously unemployed and poor, I had to wake up super early to get there, so I wasn’t looking my best. I know for a fact I didn’t even brush my hair that day, because I was so amazed at getting the phone number, I made note of how bad I was looking.

I’ve also gotten hit on on the bus a few times, most of these times being on the way home from work. And I’ve had some labor intensive jobs so not only did I look tired, I probably looked all gross and sweaty. Yet something in this appeals to the creepers that decide to hit on me.

This is all a lot of back story to lead up to what I was told today.

Now, as you know, yesterday I went to the dentist and got a tooth pulled. I knew the day was going to suck, so I dressed comfortably in jeans and a hoodie. I had to come to work afterwards, so thank the fsm my work dress code is non-existent.

So the extraction didn’t go remotely as planned and was a horrible experience I’ll write about later. I cried the entire time and even a bit afterwards because I was in so much pain.

So imagine me sitting at work yesterday. Hoodie and a messy ponytail, makeup mostly cried off, huge wad of gauze in my mouth, bloodshot eyes, and I had taken a pain killer but was unable to eat, so also add the fact that I’m basically a zombie.

Lovely mental image, no?

Flash to this morning when my coworker leans over to my desk.

“You know Dude Guy?”
“That came by yesterday with that metal cart?”
“Oh, okay, yea.”
“Well, I got an email from Other Guy yesterday asking me ‘How old is Katrina, does she have a boyfriend, and do you think she’d go out with Dude Guy.”
“I told him too young, yes and she lives with him.”
“Hahahah ohhhmyyygodddd.”
“Yea, the email said not to mention it to anyone, but I was telling my daughter last night and she said that I HAD to tell you.”

Which on one hand, I’m glad she told me, but on the other hand, AWKWARD! The guy in question works in the building somewhere but I have no idea where and he only comes by every once in a while, but still. He, like everyone in this office is at least 10 years older than me, if not more. And I look 17! And I was a complete wreck yesterday.

I just kept repeating “ohmygoddd” to my co-worker and she was like “I could tell. I knew yesterday even before I got that email.” Which either she is super good at reading people or I am even more oblivious that I previously thought.

Hello, awkward police?


the hazards of love April 27, 2009

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So I’ve been on a bit of a dating spree recently.  I mean, I guess anything is a spree when you’ve done as little dating as I have in my adult years.  I’ve dated here and there, but it’s mostly been going on a date, connecting so well with the person that we become exclusive.  Never have I gone on multiple dates with multiple people in a row.  (Not like multiple group dates, gross.  Like a friend once mentioned something about speed dating.  I could NEVER do speed dating.  I get anxious enough going on one date.  Multiplying that by 12 or something?  Death.)


When J and my relationship ended in early March, I said I was done.  I say it every single time, swearing off guys, swearing off relationships, swearing off love.

Then two weeks passed.  I felt better.  I felt a lot better.  I had given a lot of thought to myself, to my life, to why things hadn’t worked and I figured I was ready to try again.

But not entirely.  I wanted to date.  I wanted to go on dates and meet people and not have one of them immediately become my boyfriend.

So I turned to  my good friend, the internet.  I guess in the past there has been a stigma about internet dating, but I think those years are long gone.  I do it, almost every single person I know has at least met someone from the internet, if not dated someone.  It’s everywhere, it’s inescapable…and really?  What’s the point?  Sign of the times, folks.

Set up some dates, and I did the damn thing.  A few were barely dates, I don’t know when you cross the line from hanging out to dates, but I spent a few evenings in the company of some guys.  And I had a blast.

I’m not one to kiss and tell, so I won’t be one to date and tell either, but a few hilarious moments from my dating excursion include being introduced as Kristen the second time I hung out with some kid.  Hahaha, ouch.

Some kid asking to meet me at Panera and showing up literally 3 minutes after I said “Sure.”  It was the most spontaneously hilarious thing ever.

Walking down Forbes with another kid and having this interaction happen.

Creeper:(stepping out in front of me and stopping dead in his tracks) Excuse me?

Me: Yea?

Creeper: Are you with him?

Me: Yea?

Creeper: Well he needs to keep you close because you are so sexy and if he doesn’t keep you close..

(at this point GuyI’mWith put his hand on other guy and is telling him to stop)

Creeper: Yo man! I’m not gay!  This your girl?  You need to keep her close because if you don’t I’m gonna snatch her up and STEAL her. (puts his arm around me) Girl you are so gorgeous.  You are so sexy, you are like vanilla ice cream I just wanna lick…

Me: Okay! Enough!

GuyIWasWith later said there are worse things that could happen than getting hit on on the street, but that was terribly embarrassing.   And not to say that I needed rescued, but his presence definitely helped, and having to deal with that? On a first date? Was it a date? See what I mean?

But aside from that last little kerfluffle, I’ve been having a lot of fun.  As much as I’m a loner, I love talking to people and getting to know people but mostly having stories to tell about said people, haha.

So the spree continues…interested parties can contact (Please be male, under 35 and be okay with being talked about on the internet.)