cupcake supremacy

when cupcakes rule the world…

about katrina April 24, 2009

Just another girl that wants to rule the world.



I’m Katrina. 20-something that may forever look 17. Born and raised near Pittsburgh, PA. Currently residing in the North Hills, working in Point Breeze and attending the University of Pittsburgh part time. I live with my boyfriend Keith, a shark (Sparky) and a fish (Jack Wilson) and we recently adopted a beautiful yellow lab named Daisy, who is the second best thing to ever happen to me. (After Keith). (I accidentally killed the fish).

I love baking and napping and puppies and I used to love Scrabble until I began dating a world champion, but I’ll play you if you’re dumber than he is.

I frequently feel like I’m living in my own reality show.  This is just to document some of the more hilarious things in life.

I have no idea what I’m doing, but as is my life motto, maybe it will make a good story.

This is entirely non-fiction.


4 Responses to “about katrina”

  1. Frank Says:

    Hey – I just read that you are looking for restaurants in New York. I used to live there and wanted to recommend “Max.” It’s on Avenue B, somewhere around 2nd and 3rd Street, but very, very cool and not really expensive at all – but best of all, it’s amazing food.


    • Katrina Says:

      oh thank you! were actually staying in manhattan so that’s a bit far! maybe another time!

      • Frank Says:

        Max is in actually in Manhattan, and really easy to get to via cab or the subway. I guess my saying Avenue B threw you off. But if you go, you’ll love it…so, so good and such a cool atmosphere. They have a courtyard in the back, very hip and fun. If you don’t make it, next time you have to…have fun!

  2. cynthia Says:

    I had fun reading your posts. I also worked with babies and know how you feel. They will stay in your mind and heart forever. I’m a mom now and can’t resist giving this advice. Be careful! You have your picture up and lots of personal information on here. I’d be really worried if you were my daughter. Just sayin’.

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