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Dead Like Me October 29, 2010

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So if you follow me on twitter (which if you don’t uhhh why not?! I am way more consistent with tweets!), you’d know that I started re-watching Dead Like Me.  I watched it a few years ago after hearing all about it on and immediately fell in love.  It is quick and witty and the lead is a lovely female with a sarcasm streak that I could only dream to live up to.

The other characters are pretty awesome too and everyone is a bit dysfunctional.  The basic premise is that they are a bunch of grim reapers.  Unlike the stereotypical man in a black robe with a..uh…sickle? They look and act like (sort-of) regular people who just happen to be un-dead.  There are different divisions that handle different kinds of deaths and I believe George is in the “violent deaths” division. So every morning, the group meets at Der Waffle Haus, where Rube (the head reaper of the group – love him) gives everyone a post-it with that day’s reap.  The post-it has the person’s first initial and last name (have to make it a little tricky!), the place and the ETD (estimated time of death).

Now call me weird but this? I like. I find it oddly comforting that everyone gets a post-it.  (And not just because I love office supplies).  Everyone gets a little post-it that says their number is up.  Sure there are freak accidents, but not really, the universe just aligned to make it so.  (Or the gravelings, whatever).  It just kind of makes the whole thing easier to take.  I guess it’s in line with people saying “Everything happens for a reason.” (As an aside, I HATE that saying.  I counter it with “No. Sometimes things just happen to fuck your day up.”) But a lot cooler.


Meh. Really have no idea where I was going with this post, but if you haven’t seen Dead Like Me and you like quirky, sarcastic, sometimes vulgar comedies, you should check it out.  It lasted only a short two seasons, but it is fantastic.


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