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Mid-term, shmid-term. October 27, 2010

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Why hello!

So rude of me to post two days in a row and then vanish again. While I highly doubt anyone checks here with any regularity, I also doubt anyone was surprised. I’m just not good at this keeping a routine thing.

I have a good excuse though! Two of them!

Excuse number one: my computer died. The hard drive went kaput last Friday. Thankfully, I’ve only had the computer since February, so it’s still under warranty. Unthankfully, I’ve only had the computer since February. Oh and I never backed any of my data up.

While I am a little bummed to lose everything, it has happened so many times that I’m kind of used to it. I got an iBook for high school graduation. In the 3.5 years I owned it, the hard drive went three times, the logic board went and the motherboard went. Five days after I got it back from Apple after the great board disaster of 2007, someone broke into my apartment and stole it! Yay!

(Apple Care does not cover theft).

I then used a very old Dell that my uncle gave me and that hard drive died after a few months. Now the new computer that I figured would last at LEAST a year without giving me any issues, had to get the travel bug too and wanted a trip down to Texas. Sigh.

(I got carried away lamenting about my awful technological luck, moving on…)

Excuse two is that I had a mid-term on Monday. My first mid-term since 2007! I was terrified. Our grade in the Psych class is based on 4 quizzes, two tests and then our lab stuff. That’s not a whole lot of points. So I knew I needed to rock this test. The problem was, I did horrendous on the two quizzes. I knew I needed to study my ass off, but I am a bad studier. I never studied in high school and hardly in Round 1 of college (which may explain why I never finished but shhh). I set aside all of Sunday for studying. And study I did. I went for 3 hours, a break for dinner, 2 more hours. I went to bed feeling like I knew nothing.

At the end of the work day Monday, I went through my notes again, and took notes on those notes. Then I read the notes of notes 3 times before class. Still felt like an F was in my future. My stomach would not stop aching, it knew too, it seems.

They pass out the test and I begin to read the questions: “Hey, I know this!” “And this!” “And this!” Turns out, out of the 50 questions on the test, there were only 3-4 that I was iffy on. And I was able to narrow those down and guess. I was even the first to finish, and of course I sat in the back, so I got to awkwardly gather my stuff and walk down to hand in my papers in front of an audience of 200.

But I feel really good about the test and that’s all that matters. Except the grade itself really matters and I probably won’t know that ’til next week, but in my head, I aced that sucker. Yay!


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