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I miss 2002. June 6, 2010

Filed under: blahblahblah — cupcakesupremacy @ 8:59 pm

Not really, only the part where everyone used livejournal. You could spill all your secrets to lj and know that only the 5 other people nerdy enough to use it would read them.

Everything is so public these days. With twitter and facebook, you know everyone’s thoughts at any moment in a day. While this is entertaining most of the time, it’s rather depressing other times. I don’t need to know your innermost thoughts…yet I can’t stop reading them.

I don’t know.

I struggle between what’s public and private and some days I wish all of social media would just disappear. We don’t talk to each other anymore because what’s the point? You’ve already seen everything I would tell you anyways.

I’m half tempted to leave it all behind, but then I’d have even less human interaction and no outlet to complain about it.


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