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Blah. May 1, 2010

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I really wanted to write a blog post about May being my favorite month of the year, but after an hour that was seriously the only thought I could come up with.

So here are some bullet points about my life.

– I discovered yesterday that talking about the kids from the daycare I worked in still makes me cry.  Even though I haven’t worked there since March 2009.  That’s how much I miss them.  I can’t tell if it’s more pathetic or more endearing.  Probably pathetic.  One of my favorite girls, Matilda, would come up to you and stretch out her arms and ask “Hold you?”  It was so adorable no one could resist.  The first time she said “Hold me?” instead I think a part of my heart broke.  Another favorite, Camryn, was the silliest little girl I had ever met.  She giggled all day long and it was impossible not to laugh at her.  One day, she randomly started jumping up and down screaming “Monster truck! Monster truck! Monster truck!”  I laughed so hard, “Monster truck?!” “Yea!”  When her mom picked her up, I retold the story and her mom was so confused.  She said she didn’t even think Camryn knew what a monster truck was and had no idea where she got it from or why she was so excited by it.  HILARIOUS.

I was trying to remember more stories which led me to my livejournal which led me through the whole saga of getting, hating and losing the job and now I’m kind of depressed.

Not what I was trying to do here, but así es la vida.


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