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The most exciting post I may ever make. March 28, 2010

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I left Pitt in 2007 due to being too poor.  I attempted to go back in 2008 but had outstanding tuition that I couldn’t pay.  Eventually it just made more sense to wait until I was 24 to try to go back.  I had actually given up hope on going back to Pitt.  I wasn’t sure how it worked, I thought maybe I’d have to reapply and as my record wasn’t very stellar the first time around I figured they wouldn’t take me.

While talking to Keith about going back to school, he asked where I’d go.  I admitted that I didn’t think Pitt would take me back and he encouraged me to call and find out what the requirements were.  Thinking about going back to school somewhere else secretly depressed me.  I understood that it was irrational so I just silently plugged along, looking at other schools.

When the girl on the phone from Pitt told me it was just a 45$ fee, I didn’t believe her.  I called a different office and asked the same question and got the same response.  I was ecstatic.  But suspicious.

I had them mail me the required paperwork and Wednesday of last week they cashed my check.  Still suspicious, I called on Thursday.  The lady on the phone seemed really annoyed that I was calling a day after they cashed my check and informed me I’d be getting something in the mail.

Until I held that paper in my hand, I thought there must be some kind of fluke and something was messed up.  But Friday I got that letter.  And yesterday I got stuff about my email address.  So now I must call and meet with an advisor and then I am all set to start part-time in the fall.  I may eventually take some time off from work to go back full-time, but it’s all baby steps right now.

I WILL graduate before I’m 30!  I am SO excited! More excited than getting accepted to Pitt the first time, because I’m finally an adult now and know what I want.


4 Responses to “The most exciting post I may ever make.”

  1. Andy Says:

    Congrats! Glad you’re excited. Study hard but have fun with it 🙂

  2. kogigr Says:

    Way to go! =)

  3. * Says:

    That paper says “Fall 2111” You can’t go back to school for 100 years

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