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What’s cookin? January 17, 2010

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Hello there. I fell off into the black hole of no blogging again.

To bring you up to speed on my life:

I was doing so well with the cold-turkey giving up pop thing. I had to cheat yesterday though because I had a really unhappy stomach.

If I try to do anything more than space out on the bus at night, I get really carsick. It usually subsides by the time I walk home from the bus stop, but for some reason Friday night it didn’t.

I went to lay down around 6:30 and told Keith if I wasn’t out to wake me at 8:00pm. Well I woke up to pee at 7:50 and didn’t feel any better so I laid down again. He came in to wake me around 8:45 and I had zero desire to get out of bed, so stay in bed I did. And I woke up at about 8:30a.m.

So a nice 14 hours of sleep and I felt kind of okay. I eventually got hungry (after sleeping through dinner) and ate an enchilada I found in the freezer around 11ish. And felt okay for a bit until I started to feel all car sick-y again. We had plans to go to dinner with Keith’s friends but I decided to lay down for a bit and then decided I had no desire to eat anything at all.

I asked Keith to bring me home some ginger-ale and drinking that settled my stomach enough that I could eat some soup.

Waking up today, my appetite was back, so whatever weirdness that was seems to have passed.

And I don’t really care that I drank the pop. It was not impulsive, it helped. Now the real struggle is not drinking the rest of the 2-liter in the fridge. Which I will probably do. And forgive myself.

Today I made waffles for breakfast and my light brioche burger buns are currently on their second rise.

Making anything with yeast used to terrify me and even my challah didn’t rise at first, but I tricked it into rising. My buns are looking awesome and I’m really excited about the doors that have been opened now that I’m no longer afraid of bread. Weeee!


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