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On bathtubs and barmaids. November 27, 2009

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Today was such a weird day. All day long yesterday I felt like it was Sunday, since I knew I had to go to work today. Work was DEAD. Normally 50ish people work in my office. Twenty were there. And that includes me. Most of them peaced out at some point during the day so I think post 2PM there were 4 of us.

It was kind of nice though. The phone hardly rang, people weren’t bothering me, I had enough work to keep busy and I listened to some tunes since I was the only one in front of the office.

The bus ride home was also awesome. It’s always one of those giant coach busses and it’s packed, daily. Today I was the 5th and last person to get on. And I was the last one left before we got to the stupid loop-de-loop we have to do, so the bus driver skipped it and I got home 15 minutes early! Wee!

So today was so odd and all week has been so odd that I figured I would forget to post, so I set an alarm. And it went off while I was taking a bath.

And then I had to try to think of something to post. So let’s talk about baths. They are one of the greatest things in the world. Especially when you’re sick or otherwise worn out. I like to make the water super super hot so that it kind of tingles once you get in. Probably not healthy, but oh man is it lovely. I also love bubble baths, but I need to get some sort of bubbles because while dishsoap usually works well, I don’t really like the scent of our current dishsoap.

Not too long ago I was over my cousin’s house. She’s 5 years older than me, so we grew up together. And when I stayed over my grandparents house, we would take baths together. We started talking about that for some reason (probably along the lines of omgwe’reold) and she asked if I remembered playing bartender.

Of course! It was pretty much the best game ever. We’d take a bunch of cups in with us and empty shampoo and conditioner bottles and go to town.

(The most sought after bottle was a purple poodle whose head popped off to reveal the cap. That was the top shelf stuff.)

We mixed and shook and stirred and I never really thought of how weird it was it until she brought it up. I have no idea where we gained all this knowledge or who even came up with the idea. No one in my family drinks much if at all, nor did they when I was that age.

I guess it was all a product of television and really active imaginations.

But if I really think about it, I can still taste the Palmolive tainted water. Because no one turns down a free drink!


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