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US National Arboretum November 24, 2009

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Sunday was my final day in DC. The boys were still gone, going to another baseball game and Elyse and I headed out to the National Arboretum*.

I was super excited for this. I love plants and trees and all things botanical. Phipps is one of my favorite things about Pittsburgh, so the fact that this is outside and wayyyy bigger, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. And I was not.

I would love to go back right at the beginning of spring when everything is coming alive. I also wish we had had more time to spend there because the place is ENORMOUS. We only hung out in the front part, which included an herb garden and bonsai trees (I ❤ bonsai trees!) and the Asian Forest and both were pretty awesome.


The coolest part though was the Capitol Columns. Originally a part of Capitol Building, the columns were removed after the dome was completed and ended up being way bigger than planned. The dome overpowered the columns so they were moved.

capitol columns

Where they hung out until 1980, I have no idea, but that’s when they got their home in the Arboretum, and oh man do they look so much better there.

to the left

capitol reflections

capitol columns

You’re apparently not allowed to get married there, but Elyse and I have already planned out our joint wedding**. You’re all invited.

inside the columns

*Also, no matter how hard I try I can’t say this word right. I call it arbor-eat-em in my head and hope no one makes me say it aloud.

**We are marrying each other. And changing our last name to Raspberry.


3 Responses to “US National Arboretum”

  1. pancake Says:

    1. joint wedding? i thought we were marrying each other.
    2. come back and we can see the museums & ar bor eat um in other seasons

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