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the district (part II) November 23, 2009

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Saturday morning after Elyse cooked us a lovely breakfast of blueberry pancakes, the boys hit the road to Baltimore. The girls (now including Lauren) hit the road back into DC proper. The plans were a little up in the air, but mostly included seeing the sights and maybe some museums.

Well, the day was gorgeous but super hot for September.

(most of) the washington monument

We walked past most of the memorials and the White House, which seriously needed some landscaping.

white house, brown lawn

My favorite was probably the World War II Memorial, if for nothing but the copious amounts of water. Water makes everything prettier. Although I would have liked it a lot more that day if I could have dipped my feet in.

i wanted in that water so bad

The BEST part though was after we walked past the White House we were walking to eat and came across this squirrel. Looks like a normal squirrel, right?

proof he was not dead.


Seconds after taking that picture, he plopped down on the ground and would not move. Eventually he rotated himself 90 degrees, but he was honestly in that splayed out position for at least the 5 minutes we stood there watching him. (I’m easily amused!)

he was tuckered out

best squirrel ever.

Everyone else that walked past stopped and gawked too, so it wasn’t just us. Even just looking at this pictures now is making me crack up.

We eventually made our way to some food and although the plan was to eat at Julia’s Empanadas, Lauren suggest Nando’s Peri-Peri and since it was supposed to have some semblance of portuguese fare, I was into it.

I got mine hot I think and it was hella spicy but also pretty amazing. I got some wrap with some spicy jelly and yogurty sauce and their fries were to die for.

My feet hate all shoes, and I had worn flipflops so I made the executive decision to call it a day and go back to Alexandria. One day I’ll see you, museums.


3 Responses to “the district (part II)”

  1. pancake Says:

    (delete the other one!)
    king squirrely

  2. Sarah Says:

    That squirrel is cute! Did you think DC was great?

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