cupcake supremacy

when cupcakes rule the world…

And smellier too! November 19, 2009

Filed under: blahblahblah,nablopomo,photos — cupcakesupremacy @ 5:44 pm

I’ve gotten used to writing these blog posts at work, but today I actually had work to do for the whole 7 hours! And I’m attending my first Pitt basketball game tonight, so I’m writing this on my phone via the WordPress app while I’m on the bus.

This app is pretty convenient, I email my posts to myself at work because I’m trying to preserve some amount of privacy between work/blog.

But my one issue is that there’s no way to reply to comments. So I see them and get all excited, then can’t reply and forget. So I’m not an a-hole, just scatterbrained.

But all of the sudden (only beginning this month) writing and reading on the bus makes me really carsick. Bussick. So I will leave you with this picture I snapped on Tuesday. It made me laugh even through all my mouth pain.


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