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Great day for hockey November 16, 2009

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Yay! Tonight I’m going to a Pens game with Keith. This will be my second hockey game, the first being a preseason game earlier this year, and I am super excited. Especially now that I’ve seen Sudden Death.

I’m not a real big sports fan so I find it amusing that I ended up with Keith. We went to half a dozen baseball games this summer and he went to probably a dozen more without me, he has season tickets for Pitt football, Pitt men’s basketball, and Pitt women’s basketball. He’s also gone on many many sports related road trips this year.

We had plans to go to a game in December and I was excited for that, but then he scooped up these tickets and I get to be double excited.

Like I said, I’m not that enamored with sports, but I think baseball games are fun. My first football game was a headache trying to understand, but by the second one I kind of got into it. I still had trouble understanding/seeing the ball, but I kind of got caught up in the excitement. I am going to my first basketball game on Thursday, so we’ll see how I like that, but hockey, I really dig.

While I don’t understand all of the rules, it’s way easier to understand than football, even without knowing all of the ins and outs. And there is never a dull moment, unlike baseball, which is mostly dull moments.

They drop the puck and everyone is off. I wish football would get rid of downs and whatever else and just drop the ball and let people do their thing.

If only.


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