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and the winners areeeee… November 12, 2009

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Thanks to a very complicated system in which the random number generator was blocked by my work, I wrote down everyone’s name…the whole 8 of you. Then I texted Keith asking for 5 numbers 1-10 (two of you got double entries).

So the winners, as chosen by Keith’s numbers, are….






Yayyyy! Send me an email to with the address you’d like the gift card shipped to…and you can begin living out your grocery store fantasies. Well, to the tune of 25 bucks.

What you use the card on is entirely up to you, but I beg of you to make at least one small impulse purchase. It was the name of the game!

I wish I had 3 more gift cards so that everyone that tolerates me enough to enter could win, but alas, I don’t. Maybe someone will think I’m something fancy later down the road and we can do another giveaway. I really liked reading the comments, you guys rule.


4 Responses to “and the winners areeeee…”

  1. Beth Albert Says:

    YAY Thanks! YAY I’m gonna buy cakes!!!

  2. Amber Says:

    I’m gonna buy… CHOCOLATE!

  3. Chrissy Says:

    Thanks Katrina! 🙂

  4. Maggie Says:

    hooray!! Bakery Department-here I come!

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