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Keith and the Girl. No, the other ones. November 10, 2009

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representin' even in mexico.


Some people listen to them daily, some people have little to no idea what they even are. A year ago, I leaned more toward the latter. I understood the basic premise, but I couldn’t see how listening to some stranger talk for 30 minutes or longer could possibly be interesting.

Enter Keith into my life. He’s a big fan of podcasts, listening to several daily. I had seen him wear his Keith and the Girl shirt on more than one occasion and it eventually came up in conversation. He mentioned that I should check it out, he thought I would really like it.

Earlier this summer, I downloaded a few episodes and gave it a try the next time I was on the bus. It took a little getting used to a first, listening to a talk show, but it was pretty funny stuff.

Even so, my commute wasn’t that long and I hated syncing my phone, so I soon fell behind and gave up.

Right before I started my current job, Keith and I were talking about my commute and the fact that I would be on the bus for ~2 hours a day. Keith remarked, “That will give you plenty of time to listen to Keith and the Girl!”

So I downloaded a few more episodes and started to listen in the mornings and listen on my lunch break. I don’t know what it was this time around, but I found it so much funnier. I have even been that crazy girl on the bus laughing to herself many times this past month.

Now, since most of you don’t know, Keith and the Girl is a comedy talk show sort of deal hosted by a comedian, Keith Malley and his writer/singer/former clown girlfriend Chemda Khalili. They. Are. Hilarious. They have all sorts of different guests on their show, from fellow comedians to friends to fans. They talk about all sorts of subjects, current events, personal anecdotes, etc. They are a bit vulgar at times (most times), so prudes should probably stay away. But seriously they make me lol in public, and make me almost not dread my 2 hour bus commute.

I occasionally forget I am listening to a show and feel like I’m just sitting in a room listening to friends talk, that’s how laid back their show is. If you have lengthy commutes or always have a hard time picking which music you want to listen to, I definitely recommend checking out the Keith and the Girl podcast, give it a few tries and if you don’t think it’s funny, then you have no soul.


3 Responses to “Keith and the Girl. No, the other ones.”

  1. kirbypuckett Says:

    I was thinking about podcasts today, I hate when people say “I can’t listen to them, I don’t have an iPod”


    • cupcakesupremacy Says:

      they mentioned something on their show today that even though they are one of the consistently top rated podcasts in the world, they still sometimes get the shaft with getting guests on because it’s not radio.

  2. Biscuit Says:

    Oh KATG, how I love thee and thy PARTY! SUPER PARTY!!

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