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let’s talk about sleep, baby. November 4, 2009

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I kinda miss that bed. A tiny bit.

I am sleepy.

Not just right now, but always. I have always been a night owl. I have always lovvvvved to sleep in. During the summers/non-school days of my adolescence I would feel pretty damn good about myself if I was awake by 2pm. Sleeping til 3 or 4 was no biggie. During breaks from college, I could manage to turn myself completely noctunal, staying up until 6-8am and sleeping til the pm.

Not only do I love to sleep at the wrong times, I like a lot of sleep. In a perfect world, I would sleep for at least 10 hours a night.

And there have been two seperate occassions in my life where I managed to sleep for 19 hours.

Some have said it’s a disease, I say it’s a superpower.

I’ve gotten better as I get older though. Late nights are not quite as exciting and everyone else has far more normal sleep schedules than I, so it gets lonely.

Twice this year I spent about two consequtive months jobless. The first time around I lived alone. It was pretty awesome for the first few weeks (minus the lack of cash-flow). I’d stay up til 3 or 4 and sleep til at least 1 every day, somedays longer. I didn’t manage to go completely nocturnal, but I definitely had the sleeping habits of a 15 year old boy.

The second time around I had already moved in with Keith. He has a full-time job and lived grown-up hours. So my usual sleep habits couldn’t really take hold since I liked going to bed at the same time as he did.

So I would drag myself out of bed every morning as soon as it didn’t hurt, but very often I was sleeping until almost 11. Even so, this was rather monumental for me, to consistenly be awake before noon. Especially since I would lay in bed each night watching tv/reading until the early hours of the morning.

And it sucked. I desperately wanted to be alseep, but couldn’t fall asleep. The tossing and turning all night would make it impossible to get out of bed at a decent hour. Rinse and repeat.

About two weeks before I started my job, I tried to shift my sleep schedule back an hour each day. It worked for a few days until I goofed and slept til 11 again. I decided that I’d just say f it and just deal with being really tired the first day.

And that first day was a few weeks ago and while it still hurts to wake up, falling asleep every night is the greatest thing in the world.

And there’s always the weekend for sleeping in til noon.


One Response to “let’s talk about sleep, baby.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Woo! You sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sooooooooo much. I could never ever ever understand it, especially since I am the complete opposite of you, where I only need a few hours of solid sleep and I can be up for hours. I think you’re right. It may be a superpower. I’ve always stood a little in awe of the fact that you can sleep so many hours a day, haha.

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