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Tuesday night is cookie night. November 3, 2009

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mt. cookie

Well, not really, but it is tonight.

Two weeks ago I was in a baking mood and decided to bake some cookies. Surfing around I found a recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and I was sold at the first three words. So I busted out my baking supplies and made some cookies. (And a mess.) About halfway through baking I realized there were entirely too many cookies for just Keith and myself. Especially because I had no idea how they’d even taste.

So I employed one of the greatest tactics I’ve ever been taught. I shaped the rest of the cookies, stuck them on a plate and flash froze them. Threw them into a freezer bag and tada! Cookies on demand!

You have to bake them a bit longer when you pull them out of the freezer, but no thawing needed. I think I baked these for 9 minutes with raw dough and 17 with frozen, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to bake 3 cookies with no fuss.

So tonight when my craving for cookies and my laziness were going to battle, I remembered the bag full of frozen cookie dough disks and every side of me wins!

Recipe: here.

Note: the picture at the top is not of these cookies, but rather my holy grail chocolate chip cookies which I’ll probably share later. At first these peanut butter ones were kinda meh but they grew on me. I ended up eating almost all of them, so it’s a good thing I froze half.


One Response to “Tuesday night is cookie night.”

  1. Beth Albert Says:

    OMG You are a GENIUS. I’m so doing this as soon as I clear out all this freaking chili from my freezer!

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