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Friday Favorites – damn you anthropologie October 23, 2009

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I have about 12 half-written entries, but I’m too lazy to finish those and I have to post these two things that I am drooling over so I can close the two tabs constantly open on my computer.

I have a pair of kitten heels from Target that have a row of ruffles at the toe. They are my favorite shoes EVER (and were a steal at 13$!)
I was wearing them the other day and since my mind is in boot-mode, I was thinking it would be pretty sweet if I could find ruffled boots. And boy, did I.

Steve Madden grey suede women's duffled shoe

Steve Madden grey suede women's duffled shoe

Just a little bit of ruffles, STEVE MADDEN, blech.

But I continued my search, and lo and behold, I found these visions in brown.

Winding Ruffle Boots 258$ from Anthropologie

Winding Ruffle Boots 258$ from Anthropologie

They are sort of a little one-room-schoolhouse but I am in serious love. The tiny bits of ruffle, the lacing, the distressed leather. I am head over heels. I only have one problem. (Aside from the 258$ price tag – yikes!!) I don’t wear brown. My wardrobe is black. Almost entirely. I dream of these boots in a grey. I think they would lose too much of the detail if they were in black, but I would marry them in grey. I am almost tempted to redo my entire wardrobe to accomodate them.

Which brings me to my next covet.

After falling in love with the boots, I decided to look around a little since Anthropologie always has such lovely things that I can never afford. And I happened upon this bag.

Frill-Seeker Satchel 328$ from Anthropologie

Frill-Seeker Satchel 328$ from Anthropologie

The bag of my DREAMS. DEAR FSM I LOVE THIS BAG. It is freaking gorgeous and adorable and amazing and unique and OMG I am going to burn all of my black clothes this weekend and start wearing brown. And then save up 600 bones so I can buy these life-changing items.

I promise my life would change if I owned these two.

It is important to note I have never spent more than 70$ on a pair of shoes or more than 20$ on a bag. It’s completely out of character for me to covet things so expensive, but I REALLY need these to become a part of my life.


2 Responses to “Friday Favorites – damn you anthropologie”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Aw Katrina, I wish there was some magical way I could help get those items to you. I think you would do good to change up your wardrobe to do some brown! You are a gorgeous person and I bet you would look good in a brown paper sack with ruffles.

    • cupcakesupremacy Says:

      haha aww sarah. it’s funny because brown is keith’s favorite color and he owns almost nothing black. so our wardrobe’s are pretty opposite.

      and i would feel guilty as hell ever spending that much money on frivolities.

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