cupcake supremacy

when cupcakes rule the world…

tweets you missed. June 6, 2009

Filed under: daily life — cupcakesupremacy @ 12:08 am

important things I would have tweeted.

11:06 ella told me to count these blocks and yelled at me that I was doing it wrong. then she starts counting in spanish. showed up by a 2 yr old.

11:11 kid is in bed! getting paid to eat free pizza. word. leftover primantis can be lunch tomorrow. double word.

11:45 can’t decide whether to watch golden girls or roseanne. lack of cable is really affecting me.

12:08 flipped on leno. paris hilton is talking about twitter. pretty sure she’s perpetully drunk. and has a weave.

12:11 ella’s mom said it was no biggie if I fell asleep. have pj pants in my bag. hmmm.


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