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The Barista Files June 5, 2009

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This should probably be a regular feature on here, as I don’t really have much fodder otherwise and oh my lord, the amount of stupidity I have to put up with in a day.

So a few days ago I had one of the worse experiences ever.  I was on cash register and another girl was over at the bar.  We were pretty slow, so it was just the two of us and there was no one in line.  And then a lady walks in.

She walks up to the counter and I don’t think I was looking in her direction but she says “A small coffee.”

I said, “A tall coffee?”

And she ignores me.  To the girl behind bar, she says “Miss, can I have a small house coffee?”

Laurie and I look at each other kind of confused but Laurie says “Sure” and walks over to pour the coffee.

“1.66$,” I say and the lady ignores me and goes to hand her card to Laurie who is not even in arm’s reach.

“I’m the only one with the register?” I said and took her card from Laurie.

“I can’t believe Starbucks would hire you.”

“Um, sorry?”

“People like you, this is ridiculous.  ‘1.66$!'” she continues, mocking me.

“Miss, you know what I mean,” she says to Laurie.

I just stand there flabbergasted and go to hand her back her debit card.  She grunts and slams her hand on the counter indicating for me to set it down.  So I set it down and she picks it up.  She continues screaming at me, saying things to the effect of not believing Starbucks would hire people like me and pretty much calling me a terrible human being.

“Can I get a receipt?!” She screams.

“Oh, sorry…” I say and print her one.  What I wanted to say? “If you would stop SCREAMING at me, maybe I could think and would have offered you one.”

“Oh sorry! Oh sorry!” she shrieks, continuing to mock me.

She turns to leave and on her way out, she continues to scream at me saying that she can’t believe I’m allowed to work there and Bill Gates is behind it and he’s the devil and yada yada yada.  So apparently, me and Bill are in cahoots?

lylab, billy.

lylab, billy.

She walks out the door and I say “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT.”

Another girl came out of the back partway through the exchange and is doubled over in the corner laughing.  I walk to the back and tears immediately start to form.  “WHAT THE HELL. WHAT did I DO?!” And then I started to cry.

The girl I was with sees me and is like “Omg, no.  She’s crazy.”

And then I realized her mumbling about Bill Gates probably pointed to her being bat-shit-insane.  But at the time I was so confused and so flustered that I just didn’t even think of that.

I told someone I worked with the story the next day and she described the lady.  “Yes! That’s her!”

“Oh, she’s been in here before, I kicked her out after she told us that every one of our children were going to be born possessed because she put a curse on us.”

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Later that night some lady came in and took her venti mocha in the bathroom with her.  She was apparently arguing with someone on her cellphone and thought it would be a stellar idea to throw the 20oz of mocha against the wall in the bathroom.  And then calmly come out and tell the guys working that she did it and “[she] just thought they should know.”

I do not get paid enough for this shit.


One Response to “The Barista Files”

  1. Katrina Says:

    I am fairly certain that this Crazy Lady was the bane of my existence today at Hillman. Complete with shouting at me for being rude and inconsiderate as I was attempting to fix the photocopier (that I had clearly rigged to break JUST WHEN SHE WANTED TO USE IT! Because I hate her and want her to be prevented from doing her IMPORTANT RESEARCH!); asking me if I was compassionate to disabled people or veterans; shouting at me in general; spewing nonsense about being stalked by someone who was a Holocaust victim and hence, a sadist and that I should help her because she was a victim; wandering around talking to someone who was not present; etc.

    Sigh. The crazies. They are among us.

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