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hair today, blonde tomorrow. June 3, 2009

Filed under: daily life,photos — cupcakesupremacy @ 7:41 pm

Well, not really, but it sounds better than the truth which is brunette tomorrow.  I’m lacking in the good stories, oh, except the lady that made me cry at work, but I’m sleepy and have a headache so I don’t really feel like thinking.  So this is just a note to myself when I get home from getting my hair done tomorrow that I want it to be brown! I like brown! Brown is fun!

I’ve gone back and forth between blonde and brown for years.  I’m naturally a very dirty blonde, (and my hair’s dark too – ba dum chh!), so I flip flop between the two pretty easily.  But I always want what I don’t have.  (Well at least for a few days until I’m no longer confused when I walk past a mirror.)

So, Katrina, you want it brown.  Remember this tomorrow when you inevitably get bummed that it’s no longer blonde-ish.

Adios, rubia!

wonder what it says about me that i'm most fond of the pictures of me where i look the most confused...hrmmm.

uhhh what?


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