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how to (not) make pasta. May 28, 2009

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I love to bake and cook.  If it’s not dishes and can be done in a kitchen, I’m all over it.

It’s very therapeutic, measuring, mixing, spooning.  I also love creating something from nothing.  Well, not nothing, but you know what I mean.

Being half Italian, I was raised on pasta. Spaghetti, ravioli, lasagne, manicotti, rigatoni, etc etc etc.  But it typically came in a box.  My gram occasionally makes homemade chicken noodle soup, but that was really my only exposure to homemade pasta.

Last thanksgiving, my mom decided we were going to make the ravioli from scratch.  (Holiday dinners in my family always include some sauce-based dish.  Always.)

So the day before, my mom, my sister and I borrowed my gram’s pasta maker and sat around the kitchen table, ready to go.  But the machine apparently was not.  It was supposed to mix the dough as well as rolling it out, but it stopped shortly after mixing.  So we pried it out and rolled and cut it by hand.  It was awesome.  And the ravioli were awesome.  We got rave reviews from the fam and my mom did it again for Christmas.  (This time unassisted and entirely by hand.)

Earlier this week, I was reading through Google Reader and saw that The Pioneer Woman had posted a recipe for homemade noodles.  Two weeks earlier, Keith (the sweetheart that he is) bought me a rolling pin.

I knew what I had to do.

a well of eggs.

a well of eggs.

The recipe calls for 2 eggs per cup of flour.  I used 4 eggs and 2 cups of flour because I didn’t know what I was doing and wanted some room for error.  You could probably go for 3 eggs/1.5 cups of flour for 2 people, as I had some leftover. I also added some salt because I love it.

You build a well in your flour and mix by hand.  When it’s all combined you dump it out onto a floured surface.  The only flat surface is my cook top, so there it went.

(mostly) combined.

(mostly) combined.

Then you knead.  For ever.  Or until the dough isn’t tacky and sticking to your hand.  I had a layer of dough stuck to my hand after that I had to scrape off, but the dough eventually stops sticking to you.  You then let it sit for a bit, before rolling it out.  I have no idea why, I just do what I’m told.

pretty thick noodles.

pretty thick noodles.

I rolled out the dough and used a pizza cutter to slice the noodles.  They expand in the water, so I found mine were entirely too thick.  The third from the right is probably about the size you want.

And then where I went wrong.

baby fsm.

baby fsm.

I tossed the noodles onto a plate haphazardly and let them sit there.  For a while.  How long a while is, I have no idea, as Keith showed up at this point and I got distracted.

A while later when I went to cook them…they were stuck.  Sadly  I don’t have a picture of the mass, but Keith referred to it as a funnel cake, and that’s exactly what it looked like.  I recruited him to help peel off noodles but by the end I just ended up rolling out the mass again and re-cutting them.

Overall? They were decent.  They were entirely too thick and therefore undercooked a tad (the recipe said 2 minutes, but mine probably could have used 3-4).  I think they would be AWESOME in a soup, but as for topped with sauce, they were edible, but not magnificent.  I will conquer them one day, promise.


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