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update: iphone saga. May 14, 2009

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So I got home from work yesterday and went to check the mail. I had left a note thanking the person who found my iphone Monday morning and by Monday afternoon it was gone.

I urged the person to get in contact with me, but I figured anyone who would return my phone would be too nice to accept anything.

So anyway, as I turn to leave the mailboxes, some guy is walking up the apartment steps. (the mailboxes are in front, my door is off to the side, so I’m heading that way.)

“Are you the one that lives in the basement? With the phone?”
“OMG. Are you the one that found it?!!”

And then I proceed to gush to him for 5 minutes about how awesome it was that he returned it and how much I owe him. He told me he doesn’t eat sweets, which sucks. And as this is a cupcake supremacy that was pretty much the only thing I was able to offer him.

The entire time he acted like it was no big deal which was pretty awesome. I asked how he knew it was mine, ready for him to tell me he checked facebook or something but he said it was right outside of my door and he had seen me leave earlier when he was doing laundry so he just assumed. So, sadly there was no super slueth action going on, and sadly he would not accept baked goods, but I’m really glad that I got to thank him in person.

And now I’m searching for a way to surgically attach my phone to my hand so that I never lose it again.


One Response to “update: iphone saga.”

  1. Amber Back Says:

    haha, I’ll take his baked goods! 😮 I would have returned an iPhone if I found one too. Mostly because I already have one, but if I didn’t have one I think I’d still return it because I’m too nice.

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